Forms for Family Physicians

All appointments will be triaged based on urgency. Elective gynecology appointments will be scheduled 1-3 months from referral.

Approximate Wait List for Appointments

Surgical wait times will differ based on urgency of surgery. You will be contacted as soon as a surgical date becomes available.

Approximate Wait List for Surgery

Our practice will provide a woman who is referred with an appointment with the next available physician in a time frame appropriate to the concern.  If a woman requests a certain physician she may be referred directly to them.  Our goal is to ensure that women are connected with the most appropriate consultant as soon as it can be arranged.


We do not require referrals for prenatal care or terminations.


Pooled (next available obstetrician or gynecologist) or direct referrals (specified by physician) can be faxed directly to 306-653-5383

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